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tv   News  ABC  October 15, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. he he went hiking to see the country's most beautiful places but no one knows where he is this morning. we have the latest on a maryland hiker missing. >> more meningitis cases in
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maryland. not all insurance covers it and not everyone has insurance and help women in maryland get mammograms for free. we will tell you what you can do to help. those stories are just ahead. it's monday morning, we have a phone bank next door in our studios studio b and we will tell you how to get involved leading up to komen race for the cure. >> time for a check of the forecast. things will be changing after a perfect sunday out there for many of us. lynette, you say something is in the works. >> exactly. something is brewing out there. we have something brewing in the tropics. about you before we talk about that let's talk about what's happening as we go through the morning. well, we will be nice and dry and we are dealing with mild temperatures for today. maryland's most powerful radar will get more active going into the afternoon time frame. i am thinking around lunchtime we could see more showers rolling in here. and also, we have the possibility for some severe weather as we go into the afternoon. mainly in southern maryland. right now, though, dealing with temperatures on the mild side. 64 degrees in glen elg and
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ijamsville. peeny ridge elementary school, those winds out of the south and southwest at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. and a lot of spots this morning. so we are dealing with breezy conditions this morning and the breezes will continue as we go into the afternoon. this is what your planner looks like heading throughout the day. temperatures coming in at 71 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. unfortunately we are dealing with several accidents. 95 and catonsville a crash along southbound lanes at caton avenue. and problems persist on route 259 where there's another accident right at west nursery road. if you are traveling on the beltway, here's a live look at the delays on the west side outer loop extremely slow here at liberty road. you're looking at 14-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. inner loop will remain congested through pikesville. here's what the harrisburg expressway looks like. traffic is picking up in this area as well. here in hunt valley southbound lanes jammed from shawan to
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padonia road. that's the traffic now over to you. news time 6:33. it's very special homecoming for one maryland teen who almost lost her life for a flesh eating bacteria. linda so is here with details on the classmates and linda they gave hear great surprise when she came back to -- her a great surprise when she came back. >> reporter: they crowned her homecoming princess. she was hospitalized with a rare strain of flesh eating bacteria after injuring her leg while playing in a like. alexis had to endure 18 surgeries to get rid of the infection. but this weekend she was well enough to visit school to be crowned princess and go to the homecoming dance at walt whitman high in bethesda. because of the surgeries she lost the ability to bend and flex her toes and can't walk without wearing a brace. she will likely have to wear for the lot of of her life. >> i lost a lot of use in my leg, but i haven't lost my leg. >> reporter: alexis is now being tutored at home but she
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hopes to take um makeup courses to stay on track with her graduating class. linda so, abc2 news. families who lost loved ones in the september 11th attacks can watch pretrial hearings getting underway today. relatives can watch on closed circuit television at forts including four states including maryland. five men are charged with the attacks. the hearings in cuba are closed to the public. we are asking you to think pink all month-long for the month of october. and this is for komen race for the cure this sunday. we want you to get involved. but we want you to help out the organization. all the great organization that is support komen and that's why sue is here. everybody knows somebody with breast cancer. you are with mercy. you see this every day. tell me about the programs that you are doing in the community. >> well, we have been very fortunate for the last 6 years and received funding from susan g komen for the cure maryland
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affiliate and they allowed us to offer comprehensive programs of offerings. not just for breast cancer survivors but for their family members. we have a lot of programs. one is a two-day program called be well stay healthy for breast cancer survivors trying to get their lives back on track dealing with the lingering problems that survivors have like fatigue, hot flashes and night sweats and sleep disturbances, cognitive difficulties. so that's a two-day program that we offer 6 to 8 times a year. free of charge and without the support of comb n we wouldn't be able to offer those programs. we also have ongoing education and support programs for women who are dealing with advanced disease. it's a safe place to really talk about some of the hard issues that are difficult to talk about with their family members, to work through some of that decision making. we have programs for women at high risk for developing breast cancer because of a strong
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family history or genetic mutation that is put them at risk and help them make decisions about what they are going to do to prevent breast cancer from occurring. and we also have a new program for breast cancer survivors who are fighting the problem of limb foe deema and how it affects quality of life and last is great program that we have on the weekends for kids of breast cancer survivors. just helping them deal with a lot of their emotional problems that they have a hard time talking about. >> a lot going on there. >> a lot. >> and it's komen that makes it possible. so we want to let people know your donations matter. they stay here in the state of maryland. look at your scene and write down the number because i know it's early but this is how the programs get funded. call 410-481-2222. we will be doing this all day long. but definitely give the volunteers behind us a call because they need your donations and they stay in the state. thanks so much for coming in and talking to us about this. >> it's been my pleasure. thank you. >> charley now back to you but
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we will head back in here and talk out the programs. >> thanks a lot. a scarry ordeal at a fireworks show all of it was caught on camera. fireworks fell into the crowd and a festival in china. nearly 100 people were injured and they are expected to be okay. the cause of this accident remains under investigation. a man fell 24 miles from the sky reaching speeds of more than 700 miles an hour. felix baumgartner broke the sound barrier with the jump from the stratosphere. you can see him step out of the capsule. he is the first person to break sound barrier outside of a vehicle basically being an airplane. well, a holiday shopping season is not too far off and the stores are doing everything they can to get you through the doors. best buy the latest retailer to make an offer it hops you can't refuse. we will explain how you can save cash. and the drought may have hurt a lot of crops but pumpkins.
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why farmers had nothing to fear this halloween. follow the wings.
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good morning maryland. >> all right have you bought something and found out it was cheap online? yeah -- cheaper online? >> yes best buy is trying to fight back. they says they are authorized store staffers to match online pricer of competitors in some cases a spokesperson says the program applies to appliances and electronics and will be given on an if asked basis as a dis-- at the discretion of staffers. it's valid from november 4th to november 17th and november 27th to december 24th. consider yourself warned there is good and bad news if you are looking to buy a pumpkin. bad news is this year's drought is causing prices to spike so good news is farmers say
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thepumpkins they have a lot and they look good. they love the dry weather. and so there are one that is survived the harsh drought conditions flourished and that means that you should have a decent sized pumpkin to carve. this will be a dream come true for children everywhere. >> coming up, who wants to hire more teachers and now get rid ofhomework for good? >> and as we head to break, we want you to give a call to this number 410-481-2222. we are helping out komen maryland as we get ready for race for the cure. all donation for breast cancer research stay in our state. >> and temperatures are in the mid to upper 60sthis morning. but a cool down is on the way. i will tell you when it arrives coming up. >> reporter: well, traffic is moving slowly here on the harrisburg expressway in hunt valley and we are dealing with a crash on 95. details coming up on good morning maryland.
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could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up
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to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health. this is your abc2 news to g thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. things could be changing let's go over to lynette. >> yes, things will change as we go into the afternoon.
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so, as we look at this morning, we are dealing with mild conditions and clouds covering the area. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on any rain as of yet. but that will soon change. emmettsburg at 61 right now. the winds are picking up and you can see them out of the southwest at 14 miles an hour. it's a breezy morning. 64 right now in reisterstown and as we look at annapolis that, temperature coming in right around 66 degrees. the temperatures will warm up to the 70s like yesterday. and here's the planner for you as we go throughout the day. showers will become possible going into lunchtime. and lingering to around 3:00, 4 and we will start to see gradual clearing through the evening. setting us up for a nice day as we go into tomorrow. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. lots of accidents you talkedabout. >> reporter: yes. a pretty hectic commute travel on route 295 where there's a crash at the intersection at west nursery road. a more problems on -- and more problems on 95 through
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catonsville. an accident along the southbound lanes at 695. a live look at the beltway at liberty road traffic moving slowly on the outer loop. looking at an average speed 27 miles per hour and 6 minute delay traveling from 795 down towards 70 inner loop moving up through pikesville. here's a live look at harrisburg expressway in hunt valley. no concerns northbound up towards pennsylvania but the southbound lanes really congesting as you make the drive towards 695. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. new details about the family that died last week in a house fire in northeast baltimore. a grandmother and her four grandchildren all of them younger than 7 died thursday morning. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live on the scene where things happened on thursday. and a lot changed since we were there with breaking news. >> reporter: yeah. a much different scene here this morning. we are live here in northeast baltimore right across the street. this is a burned out home on
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denwood where nancy worrell and her four grandchildren were killed in the morning house fire. we have new details about the family and fire. the family will memorialize all five together at the same service. it will be held thursday morning at mount pleasant chirrch in baltimore. -- church in baltimore. woree was 55 and her grandchildren ranged from 1 to 7. the family died early thursday morning in a house fire here on denwood avenue. meanwhile firefighters hit the streets on sunday trying to keep other families safe. they went door to door passing out smoke detectors and neighbors were appreciative of the efforts. >> that's pretty cool and they made sure they had batteries and if i needed any they were willing to give me if i needed some. >> reporter: the family didn't have insurance and are accepting donations to pay for funerals and you can help by donating at any bank of america branch to the nancy worrell funeral association. reporting live, sherrie
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johnson, abc2 news. rescue teams are searching the glacier national park for a marylandman. jason along with neal peckens were reported missing after they failed to catch the flight home friday. during the weekend, searchers comb the terrain look for themen. park official say there's foot and a half of snow on e trail and don't know if they were prepared for the cold weather. this morning's health alert, 15 cases of meningitis in maryland include one death. 205 cases around the u.s. and 15 people have been confirmed dead. according to the cdc, theinfects began after a tainted batch of steroids shot were send out of a massachusetts based company and the medication has been recalled. because a girl gets a shot to protect againster is cervical cancer doesn't mean she is mored from in sex. girls given the having a nation for h -- having a nation for
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hpd -- vaccinations for hpd and they found very few of the girls that got the shot at 11 did any of the things during a period of the next three years. let's go to megan who is standing by over in studio b. this is about supporting komen maryland and it's never been so important because the donation is down but the need is great and the need is up. britney fouler is with the organization and joins us this morning. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us and hosting the telethon on our behalf. >> tell us what's going on. >> we have there three wonderful volume un-- three vonder -- wonderful volunteers. people can call in and make donation. everybody knows someone touched by breast cancer and you're correct. our numbers are down this year in race registration and donations. but the need is forever in the community. and we support some wonderful programs locally and without the funding we can't support them. we encourage people to call and make donations and go to the website to register for the race this sunday. >> we have been hearing about
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the programs all morning. the programs provide food and help people pay electricity bills. you keep cancer patient's lives moving. >> komen is you have to be -- we provide screening for -- provide money for screening but it affects your life in ways you don't think about. if you have children you might have to get a baby-sitter while undergoing treatment. so you need help with that. some of the programs provide financial support for services like that. >> when we do the walk or go to a fund raising event, people are surprised to here that all the donations raised they stay in our state. they support programs here in maryland. >> that's one of the wonderful unique things about komen maryland is 75% of the funds that are raised through events like the race for the cure actually stay in maryland. the other 25% is sent away for an earmarked for research that takes place globally. the very unique thing about maryland is because of our
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research institutions here, usually more than what we send away comes back to university of maryland to hopkins and programs here to fund research to find a cure. >> thanks so much for coming in. here's number 410-481-2222. they are waiting to take your donations and they need them. so let's get calling i know it's early but let's do it. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. time for five things to know on this monday. if you 62 and older, you can get free preventive dental services. it's offered through baltimore city community college. you must call to make an appointment. sessions including cleaning x- rays and exams. time is running out to register to vote. you must submit your applications by tuesday. 9 p.m. you can fill out the form online hand deliver one to your local board of election or mail it in. election is tuesday, november 6th. former president bill clinton is going to be in baltimore tomorrow. he will be speaking at stephenson university. he will talk about the challenges of globalization. and opening statements
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begin in the pretrial of two prince george's county police officer. james harrison and another officer are accused of attacking two students. and a new weather center will open in college park. the national oceanic and atmospheric association will open it for weather and climate prediction. sektor mikulski will attend -- senator mikulski will attend the ribbon cutting ceremony andlynette charles has the temperatures. >> temperatures on the mild side. as you head out, you don't need the coat, but you will need the rain gear as you go into the afternoon. so 64 degrees right now in baltimore. 65 in shadyside. suitland 65 across the eastern shore 66 degrees right now. and federalsburg at 65. let's go outside in bel air this morning. we do see plenty cloud cover out there. a few breaks in the clouds but all in all, we will be seeing wet weather falling.
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isolated showers and storms are possible into the afternoon in some spots and stom storms could be on the severe side. we have warm air pumping in from the south and west. that warm front went through. and now we are waiting for the cold front to move through. the clashing of the air masses bringing us that chance for some strong storms. and maybe even severe into the afternoon. high pressure will be building in behind that, though. in the meantime, in the front of the system, we are dealing with some breezy conditions this morning. those winds out of the southwest at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. and that will continue as we head throughout the day. we take it to the tropics where we are looking at tropical storm rafael and looking pretty healthy as it moves towards the north and we can see this beginning to push off towards the north and east bermuda is on tropical storm watch right now. and it stays away from the u.s. this is some good news. but we will have some stormy conditions possible as we go into the afternoon starting around lunchtime today. that will continue through about 3:00, 4 and plenty of
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sunshine works its way in here going into tomorrow. and today, though, 71 degrees. breezy and warm with gradual clearing by tonight. and the 7-day forecast brings lovely conditions as we go into tuesday and wednesday just cooler. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with three accidents on 95. one is in northeast along thethe northbound lanes at route 272. and two more on the south side along the southbound lanes of route 100 and at the beltway. if you are traveling on 83, here's a live look in hunt valley at shawan road. no problems northbound but the southbound lanes are congested. that will continue as you make the drive towards the beltway. and here's what the west side looks like. average speeds 27 miles per hour here on the outer loop at liberty road. you're looking at a delay of 7 minutes right now traveling that outer loop from 795 down to 70. inner loop not too bad as you make the push through pikesville. the traffic is picking up. listen to this. kids don't like home washing and -- homework and students in
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france are getting a supporter. the the president wants to get rid of homework but there is a catch. the president believes that the work should be done with teachers. so he wants to lengthen the school week. right now, french students say go to school four days a week so the president wants to push it to four and a half. not a bad idea because so often kids have questions about the homework and teachers would be there. >> we want to go the full five days. >> no. that's too much. >> 4 1/2 is enough. >> i am going there. >> i know i wish i grew up in france. we want to remind you before we go, call the number 4810 -- what's wrong with me. it's 810-481-2222. this is to support komen maryland and they are in our studio and we will be checking with them all day about the great programs here in our state so we thank them for coming in and thank you for the donation. here's the number again. 410-481-222. have a great day.
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-- 222. have a -- 410-481-2222. have a great day.
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